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Ian ~ April, 2016 ~Riverside Talent Show

Showcasing the Arts Fundraiser 2024

January 27th, 2024
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Harvey High School Auditorium
200 W Walnut St, Painesville 44077

Thank you for another great event!
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"Art & Talent : the expression or application of creative skill & imagination, typically in a visual or auditory form such as music & song, performance, painting or sculpture, or producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power."

  2024 Gold Level Sponsors  


Gary & Mary Bender

Bucholtz & Germo

Cashen Ready-Mix

Civista Bank

Tom & Felicia Hough

Krebs Family

Mattern Family

Bill, Kelly, Austin & Gianna

O'Neil Excavating

Ray & Tricia Onderisin

ORG Portfolio Management

Jerome & Georgeanne Osborne Trust

Riverside Band Boosters


Showcasing and celebrating the arts, our annual fundraiser is an ongoing tribute to Ian's creative spirit and a time to appreciate the inner artist in everyone.


Each year, performers ages 9 to 100 share their talent on stage, while artists and supporters provide art and more for our raffle. Generous companies and individuals also sponsor our event, helping us raise funds for the scholarships we award each year. 

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