2020 - Madyson Sinkovic
Columbus College of Art & Design
Area of Study: Animation & Design
Awarded a 4 year $1,000 renewable scholarship.

2020: $2,075 was awarded to ten different Riverside students for summer classes in the arts. The recipients ranged from 3rd to 10th graders and took classes to improve their skills or to explore their talents in guitar, piano, percussion, voice, painting, drawing and digital media. In taking these classes, students improve their skills and explore their talents in the arts. 

Scholarship Recipients

Ian Minnick Memorial Scholarship                 

Summer Scholarships

"Our son, Dylan, was able to continue his weekly piano lessons virtually over the entire summer.  Meeting with his music teacher has helped him to grow as a pianist.  He has gained confidence in reading music and in his ability to play a variety of genres." - Debbie B.

Submitted Scholarship Piece: 

Bird Perched on Scratch Board

Established 2019 - Ian Minnick Memorial Scholarship