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Ian ~ April, 2016 ~Riverside Talent Show

2021 Sponsors

Gold Level

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Silver Level

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Frank & Cindy Caruso

Civista Bank

John & Mary Mattern

Middlefield Bank

Nana & Papa

Palek Family

Patton Family

The Winking Lizard

Bronze Level

Gary & Mary Bender

Byler Construction- Sean & Amy Byler

Mel & Connie Dainty

Diagnose My Wealth

Jonathan & Anita Edwards

First Church Congregational

Hach Family

Tom & Felicia Hough

Tony & Debbie Robb

RP Environmental LLC

Bill & Danielle Thompson


Batton Family

Bucholtz Consulting

Cashen Ready-mix

Minnick Family

Onderisin Family

O'Neil Excavating

ORG Portfolio Management

Thank You!

Showcase Committee Chairs

Art Raffle: Julie O'Neil


Talent Show: Martha DiLorenzo

Sponsorships: Felicia Hough

Social Media: Nick Batton

Event Website: Kelly Minnick


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The Showcase Was Virtual This Year from February 1st-27th!  

Art & talent is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual or auditory form such as music and song, performance, painting or sculpture, or producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 

Art Raffle ~ Click the box above for the Art Raffle, although it's ended, you can check out the fabulous art that had been submitted.  Supporters had the month of February to purchase raffle tickets. The winners were drawn on Ian's birthday, February 28th. Over 60 art pieces were in the raffle. Thank you to the artists and sponsors who donated their work and in-kind pieces. The artists range from students to hobbyists to professionals. 


Talent Showcase ~  Click the box above to be taken to our YouTube Channel. Talent performances are posted to our YouTube channel and were featured throughout the month of February on our social media accounts. Thank you to the 18 acts who gave their time and talent for this virtual show! Our performers range in ages from 7 to "I'd rather not say." 

Our first annual Showcase, held on January 11, 2020 was a huge success with over 25 artists and over 50 performers taking part in person. The year 2021 brought us a new challenge to try and continue the Showcase for our 2nd year. We felt it was important to still have it, even if it didn't look the same as our first event.


Because of the 19 performances and 48 artists from all over the country, this year was even more successful in raising funds for Ian's Legacy Foundation. The virtual event allowed people to watch the performances and buy raffle tickets for art pieces, no matter where they live. We are truly honored, grateful and humbled by the support of the showcase by so many people.

For that we say to all involved: "Bravo! Well Done! Take a bow!"


Enjoy a few pictures from the 2020 Art & Talent Showcase