"Showcasing the Arts" Fundraiser
Get ready for the January 28, 2023 event!

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Ian ~ April, 2016 ~Riverside Talent Show

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The event was virtual again this year - we will be in person and online in 2023!

We were fortunate to have so many people be a part of our 3rd annual Art & Talent Showcase where we celebrated the beauty of music and art. The Showcase is an ongoing tribute to Ian's creative spirit and a time for people to celebrate the inner artist in each of us.

Art & talent is defined as the expression or application of creative skill & imagination, typically in a visual or auditory form such as music & song, performance, painting or sculpture, or producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. 

Talent Showcase: February 13-27, 2022

Performers from 12 to 99 years old shared their talent no matter their physical location - from Painesville to Atlanta to Belgium. Click link above to enjoy the show.

Art & More Raffle - February 13-27, 2022

Art, handmade pieces and experience events (performances and activities) as well as a 50/50 drawing were included in this year's raffle. Winners were announced once again on Ian's birthday, February 28th. Click the link above to see the items which were raffled off. 

2022 Showcase Sponsors ~ Thank you to our generous company and individual sponsors (see left side of page)! Check back in the fall if you would like to sponsor the event for 2023.

We are truly honored, grateful and humbled by the support of so many people each year of this event. For that we say to all involved: "Bravo! Well Done! Take a bow!"

It was important for the Showcase to continue during the pandemic so we turned to a virtual solution. Nineteen performances and 48 artists from all over the country made our 2nd Showcase even more successful. Because we were able to reach so many additional people, it inspired us to keep the event virtual as well as in person for subsequent years.

2020 Showcase

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Our first Showcase, held on January 11, 2020 was a huge success with over 25 artists and over 50 performers. 

Showcase Committee


Art Raffle: Julie O'Neil                      Talent: Martha DiLorenzo

Sponsorship: Felicia Hough            Event Website: Kelly Minnick